Five Reasons Couples LOVE Birth Boot Camp

childbirth education classes in Cleveland Birth Boot Camp

We are thrilled to offer Cleveland families Birth Boot Camp® childbirth preparation classes. This comprehensive 10-class course is designed for couples planning an unmedicated birth. Birth Boot Camp offers a modern, fun curriculum to help parents achieve an amazing birth! Our Birth Boot Camp training can help you have an intentional, empowering, and positive pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. Here are the top five reasons couples love their Birth Boot Camp courses!

Thoughtful and Complete Curriculum
Birth Boot Camp presents the most current, evidence-based information from midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, chiropractors, and a community of birthing experts. Our 10-class series offers approximately 25 hours of in-person instruction time, complete with birth and prenatal exercise videos. Couples also receive a beautiful 170-page workbook featuring weekly nutrition and fitness information, labor comfort measures, and relaxation exercises. All students also receive a breastfeeding video download from an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) with over three hours of pertinent breastfeeding and troubleshooting information. Additionally, after each class, we send couples a weekly email containing further research, information, and articles related to that evening’s topic.

Supportive and Encouraging Community
It feels awesome to be surrounded by supportive people that share your values. All of our students come to Birth Boot Camp because they want to have an amazing birth. Birth Boot Camp instructors love helping couples access the resources and information they need to have a healthy pregnancy, empowering birth, and restorative postpartum experience. The 10-week series is also wonderful because it allows students to connect with other couples planning a natural birth. The Birth Boot Camp village is strong, thriving, and growing!

Your Partner is Prepared to be an Amazing Birth Companion
The Birth Boot Camp 10-week series is for couples, not just mom, and this is purposeful. The pregnancy and birth journey is a transformative time in your relationship. We help teach your partner how to lead you into deep relaxation, find and support your rhythm, and confidently provide labor comfort measures. Dads also learn all about the physical and emotional side of pregnancy, labor, and birth. Birth Boot Camp gives couples so many tools to be successful partners-in-birth.

Infant Care and Postpartum Planning Resources
Birth is just the beginning! Many couples have an awesome birth experience, but once baby is here, they are unsure about how to proceed with their little one. Caring for a fragile newborn can be a cause of anxiety for new parents. Birth Boot Camp knows this, and we dedicate an entire class to infant care. We discuss common newborn procedures, typically performed just after birth, and the alternatives. As prepared, informed parents, you will learn to confidently decide what is right for your baby. We also learn about newborn sleep patterns, normal infant behavior, breastfeeding, and soothing techniques. We help mothers and their partners prepare and plan their best postpartum experience. We want parents to have a realistic understanding of what birth recovery and infant care may look like. We talk about postpartum nutrition, healing, setting expectations and boundaries with family and friends, finding professional support and resources, postpartum emotions, breastfeeding, and even, sex and intimacy!

Birth Boot Camp Works!
Our students rock their natural births. The statistics from 2016 report that 84% of Birth Boot Camp graduates achieved a vaginal birth, and only 16% of students delivered their baby by Cesarean section. Of our students that had vaginal deliveries, nearly 80% birthed WITHOUT ANY pain medication! By comparison, the national C-section rate (2015) was 32%, and only about 20% of women who delivered vaginally did so without pain medication. These statistics speak truth! Birth Boot Camp students have the information, resources, support, intent, and confidence to have their ideal birth experience!

birth boot camp classes birth statistics 2016

It is such an honor to teach Birth Boot Camp childbirth education classes in Cleveland and help couples reach their birth goals! Birth Boot Camp childbirth and parenting education classes are now available through Cleveland Natural Birth. Please check out their website for a full description of courses and workshops and upcoming community events. (updated April 8, 2018)

Six Tips For Hiring A Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Tips for finding the best placenta encapsulation specialist in Cleveland The Nurturing Root Ohio

Are you considering hiring a specialist to encapsulate your placenta?

Placenta encapsulation is an awesome process that transforms your baby’s placenta into capsules. You then take your ‘placenta pills’ as a postpartum supplement. Placenta encapsulation can improve your overall postpartum wellness experience, and may help: balance hormones, support lactation and enhance milk supply, replenish iron, minerals, and vitamins, mitigate postpartum bleeding, provide natural pain relief, ease ‘Baby Blues’, decrease severity of postpartum mood disorders, and boost energy. If you are wanting to know more about what hormones, minerals, and vitamins are in your placenta and why they can help facilitate postpartum healing, take a look here.

Once you have decided that encapsulation is right for you, the next step is to find a qualified placenta specialist. So you search Google for ‘Placenta Encapsulation Cleveland’, but what next? Here are six tips to help you hire the best placenta encapsulation specialist.

Find A Specialist That Is ‘Triple Trained’

Placenta services are an unregulated industry, but there are certain standards, trainings, and precautions your professional specialist should follow. You want to find a placenta encapsulation specialist that has:

Completed training and certification with a comprehensive, research-based placenta education program. Ask your prospective placenta encapsulator with whom they have trained. Check out their certifying agency’s website to learn about the curriculum and requirements. Is their organization listed with the Better Business Bureau? If yes, what is their rating? Does internet search results return positive feedback?

The Nurturing Root is proud to have trained with both Placenta Benefits (PBi) and the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts (APPA). Both PBi and APPA are very well-respected organizations providing extensive education and credentialing in placenta preparation. We recommend using either the PBi directory or APPA directory to find an encapsulator in you area.

A current food safety certification. A food safety certification ensures that your placenta encapsulation specialist has tested knowledge in food hazards, proper hygiene practices, cleaning and sanitizing processes, and time and temperature controls.

The Nurturing Root Ohio holds a current ServSafeⓇ Food Handler Certificate.

Completed an OSHA compliant Bloodborne Pathogens training. It is crucial that your placenta encapsulation specialist has demonstrated competency regarding the precautionary guidelines and decontamination practices for handling potentially infectious and biologically hazardous materials.

The Nurturing Root has completed the Biologix Solutions Bloodborne Pathogens Training for Doulas and Placenta Encapsulators.

Decide Which Preparation Method Is Right For You

There are two preparation styles for placenta encapsulation, the Raw Foods Inspired method and the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method.

Raw Foods Inspired Method  

This method is based largely on the principles surrounding the raw foods philosophy of eating. Raw foods principles teach that food is most nutritious if it is heated no higher than 118℉. Above this temperature certain enzymes will begin to degrade. For the Raw Foods preparation, your placenta is cleaned, sliced, then dehydrated at either 118℉ OR 160℉ overnight. The Association of Placenta Preparation Arts recommends drying the placenta at the higher temperature of 160℉ to ensure any possible bacteria are eliminated.  Then your placenta is ground into a fine powder and placed in capsules. With this placenta process, it is thought that the potency of hormones and nutrients will be best preserved and available for your body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Method

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been incorporating placenta in powerful remedies for 1400 years. It is used to increase lactation and augment the ‘Qi’ or life energy, after birth. The many hormones and nutrients found in placenta can help you heal, and find optimal balance, during the postpartum transition period. With the TCM method your placenta is cleaned, lightly steamed with ginger and myrrh, sliced thin, and dehydrated overnight. Then your placenta is ground into a fine powder and placed into capsules. Steaming the placenta with ‘warming herbs’ is an integral part of this preparation method. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, a mother’s postpartum body requires heat and warmth to replenish the energy that is lost during childbirth. Raw foods are generally seen as a cooling element. Therefore, consuming raw placenta not recommended for the tonifying elements needed to nourish the blood and restore energy and balance to the body.

The Nurturing Root offers the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of placenta encapsulation to our clients. We believe that this preparation, and the Chinese medicine philosophy, offers the greatest healing benefits to new mothers.

Know Where Your Specialist Performs Their Work

A placenta encapsulation specialist will prepare the placenta either in their workspace or in their client’s home. With both workspaces, your ‘triple trained’ placenta encapsulation specialist should implement identical sanitizing protocol. Also with both methods, capsules will usually be processed and made available within 72 hours of birth.

Specialist’s Workspace

Your placenta encapsulation specialist will either personally pick-up or use a courier service to collect your placenta from the hospital or birth center and have it brought to their workspace. Their workspace can be a family kitchen, a dedicated encapsulation processing space in their home, or a dedicated space in another location (like their studio or a commercial-style kitchen.) Once your placenta capsules are ready, your specialist will most likely bring the capsules to you at home.

Client’s Home

After having your baby, you, a family member, or a friend will bring the placenta to your home.  Your placenta encapsulation specialist will then come to your house to process your placenta. The capsules will be left with you, or arrangements may be made to take them to your birthplace if you are not at home yet.

The Nurturing Root exclusively processes your (our client) placenta in your home. Your house is a special space with your family’s energy and unique microbiome, and we strongly believe that your placenta belongs in your residence. We also value the connection we make by processing your placenta in your house. We encourage you or family to observe the process, and welcome any discussion about the preparation method or questions you have regarding your placenta, birth experience, or the postpartum healing process.

Consider Hiring A Professional That Offers Complimentary Services

In addition to placenta capsules, look for a placenta encapsulation specialist that offers other placenta specialties, like: placenta art prints, tincture, or mother’s broth. You may also want to find a placenta encapsulation specialist that provides additional prenatal and postnatal services.

The Nurturing Root offers a variety of placenta remedies.  In addition, we also offer Birth Boot Camp natural childbirth education for couples, labor comfort measure workshops, birth and postpartum planning sessions, and family-centered postpartum doula care. We are quite active in the birth community, so we also have available a comprehensive list of community resources for expectant and new moms.

Hire A Well-Respected, Highly Reviewed, and Experienced Specialist

Using a placenta encapsulation specialist recommended by a trusted friend is a great option. But make sure to do your own research on any prospective encapsulator. Look through their website, check their social media accounts, and read or ask for testimonials. Schedule a call or meet with the placenta encapsulation specialist you are interested in hiring. Get an idea of who they are, how and why they chose to become a professional placenta encapsulator, and ask them how many placentas they have encapsulated.

The Nurturing Root has been providing placenta encapsulation services to families since 2011. We have helped nearly 600 mothers experience their best postpartum, with our placenta encapsulation services. We are honored to have overwhelmingly positive reviews and testimonials from our Baltimore and Cleveland families.

Have Your Questions Answered Before Booking Services

Your placenta encapsulation specialist should return your email, message, or call promptly and provide you with an overview of their services, fees, policies, and protocols. You should also see if your prospective specialist has a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page on their website. You want to feel confident about your specialist and her services before paying a deposit.

The Nurturing Root keeps an updated FAQs page on our website, so you can learn all about our placenta encapsulation services. We also respond to inquiries with thorough details about the placenta encapsulation process.

We want you to have a healthy pregnancy, empowering birth experience, and gentle postpartum recovery. If you are wanting to learn more about placenta encapsulation services and reside in Cleveland or greater Northeast Ohio please contact The Nurturing Root here!

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Free Breastfeeding Support Groups in Cleveland

free support groups for moms in cleveland

It takes a village to breastfeed a baby! Supporting new and breastfeeding mothers is an awesome social responsibility, and The Nurturing Root wants to help you reach your breastfeeding goals. So we have gathered information about the various breastfeeding groups in the greater Cleveland area, to help you find your community of nursing women.

Your healthy newborn was born to breastfeed. This is the biologically normal, ideal, and healthiest way to feed your infant. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends all babies be exclusively breastfed for at least the first six month of life. But it takes practice, patience, and support to master this skill. Ideally, try to find a breastfeeding support group while pregnant. You will be able to connect with other women, lactation professionals, and see what nursing a newborn actually looks like. Once baby is born, a support group provides the perfect opportunity to spend time with women who are sharing similar experiences. You can troubleshoot breastfeeding issues, discuss Cleveland parenting resources, and receive emotional and practical support.

La Leche League of Ohio

La Leche League has multiple chapters, hosting meetings throughout Northeast Ohio. Find more information about your local chapter here.

Cleveland Heights
Meets at various locations on the second Friday of each month at 10:00am.
Call Martha at 216.321.4356 or Halle at 216.291.4313 for meeting location information.

Cleveland Southwest
Meets on the third Monday of each month at 10:00am at the Strongsville Public Library. An evening meeting is held on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30pm at the North Royalton Public Library.

Cleveland Westside Suburbs
Meetings are multiple times per month at various locations in Lakewood, Rocky River, and North Olmstead. Join the LLL of Cleveland Westside Suburbs Facebook group for meeting time and place information.

Oberlin and Lorain County
Meets on the second Thursday of each month at 9:30am at Christ Episcopal Church in Oberlin. More information is available on the LLL of Oberlin Facebook group.

Meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm at University Hospitals Portage Medical Center. Email Rachel for more information: [email protected]

Painesville and Lake County
Meets monthly at the Morley Library at 10:00am. Check the library event calendar for meeting day information.

Geauga County
Meets on the second Thursday of each month at 10:00am at the Middlefield Library. Contact Adele for more information: 440.724.2058

Free Breastfeeding Guide The Nurturing Root Ohio Placenta Encapsulation, Birth Boot Camp Classes

PREP + Mom’s Breastfeeding Support Group
Meets the first Thursday of each month at 10:30am at Senders Pediatrics
in South Euclid. For more information call 216.291.9210

Lakewood Family Room – Nursing Mom’s Chat
Meets every Wednesday at 9:30am at the Lakewood Methodist Church.
For more information call: 216.521.7580

Mama Chat Baby Group 
Meets every Thursday at 11:00am and the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm at The Breastfeeding Center in Massillon. For more information call 330.837.0220

University Hospitals

Elyria Breastfeeding Support Group
Holds meetings multiple times per week at the Elyria Medical Center Lactation Services.
For more information call 440.329.7466 or email Tina at [email protected]

Westlake Breastfeeding Support Group
Meets every Wednesday at 10:00am at St. John Medical Center, community outreach room. For more information call 440.827.5451

Eastside Mom and Baby Support Group
Meets every Tuesday at 11:00am and the first Thursday of every month at 6:30pm at Landerbrook Health Center. For more information call 440.995.3830

Lake Health

Lake County Breastfeeding Support Group
Meets every Wednesday at 10:00am at Tripoint Medical Center in the obstetrics conference room. For more information call: 440.354.1929

Cleveland Clinic

Independence Breastfeeding Support Group
Meets every Tuesday at 10:00am at Independence Family Health Center, Crown Center building. For more information call: 216.986.4000

Solon Breastfeeding Support Group
Meets every Wednesday at 3:00pm at the Solon Family Health Center, fourth floor conference room. For more information call: 440.519.6800

Strongsville Breastfeeding Support Group
Meets every Wednesday at 1:30pm at the Strongsville Family Health Center, community room. For more information call: 440.878.2500

Willoughby Hills Breastfeeding Support Group
Meets every Thursday at 1:00pm at the Willoughby Hills Family Health Center.
For more information call: 440.516.8312

Rocky River Breastfeeding Support Group
Meets every Monday and Wednesday at 1:00pm at the Fairview Wellness Center, room 205. For more information call: 440.356.0347

Mayfield Breastfeeding Support Group
Meets every Tuesday and Friday at 11:00am and the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm at Hillcrest Hospital, North Campus, west entrance.
For more information call: 440.312.5332

Medina Breastfeeding Support Group
Meets every Thursday at 1:00pm at Medina Hospital Family Birthing Center.
For more information call: 330.721.5090

There are so many great breastfeeding support groups in Cleveland. For optimal nursing success, connect with several community resources. Taking a comprehensive childbirth education course to learn about how your pregnancy and birth experience influence your nursing success. Talk with Cleveland mothers who chose placenta encapsulation to help enhance lactation and boost milk supply, and consider hiring a postpartum doula, who will provide your family with practical assistance, guidance, and encouragement.

Placenta Encapsulation: Why it works

Placenta Encapsulation Services

March 24, 2013

Jodi Selander, founder and director of Placenta Benefits, recently wrote a terrific article discussing the reasoning behind using placenta for postpartum recovery.  The article addresses which hormones and components are contained in the placenta and how losing these components can impact a mother’s postpartum experience.  By reintroducing those hormones into new mothers via placenta encapsulation, they can reach homeostasis with more ease and without the blues and depression.

“Since the placenta is known to contain many of the components that a postpartum woman is lacking following parturition, many believe that by ingesting the placenta postpartum women can re-balance their systems more quickly.” (Selander 2013)

In the article, Jodi also discusses the new research recently published by UNLV and how the Traditional Chinese preparation affects and/or alters the placenta, its components, and its benefits.