Testimonials & Client Reviews

The Nurturing Root is so grateful for our amazing clients! Here are some testimonials from the many families we have served. We are honored to receive overwhelmingly positive reviews about our childbirth education classes, placenta encapsulation services, and postpartum doula support.


The Nurturing Root Placenta Encapsulation, doula, childbirth classes in Cleveland

She explained the process in detail and answered all of my questions. I had severe post-partum depression with my first pregnancy, and this time I had no depression at all. My recovery was wonderful, and I was able to enjoy my newborn daughter and my family. Thank you for this experience. I would highly recommend placenta encapsulation to any post-partum mother.


One of the first phone calls I made after finding out I was pregnant was to The Nurturing Root. Three weeks post-delivery, I can tell you that I am so happy I did. Our labor turned into a cesarean section that yielded a 9 pound, 3 ounce healthy baby. After a four-day stay at the hospital, we were headed home. The very next night, our specialist came over. She cleaned and sanitized our whole kitchen, leaving the placenta to dry out overnight. The next day, she returned and created an amazing amount of capsules. I believe ours was the largest she had worked with and it produced 224 capsules! I was really excited about encapsulating my placenta. However, with the baby actually being here and life being hectic–I was not as consistent at first about actually taking the capsules as I should have been. There were a few days where I felt a little ‘under the weather.’ Now, though, I make sure I take the capsules every day and I can definitely tell a difference. I thought I would be immune to post-baby blues but as it turns out, I am not. I wanted to continue to reap the rewards of the nutritional content of my placenta–I did not imagine using it to prevent PPD. I can tell you, though, that no one is ‘immune’ from PPD. In addition, I am so incredibly grateful I reached out to The Nurturing Root to have my placenta encapsulated. I cannot imagine how I’d be feeling without it. PPD is a real thing and from my experience, my placenta pills are making a huge difference in my recovery. This placenta encapsulation service was so amazing. I definitely will be doing this again with my next child. In addition, her bedside manner was so peaceful and knowledgeable, I would not dream of seeing anyone else!


I cannot say enough about my postpartum recovery. I truly believe that my experience was such a positive one because I made the choice to have our daughters placenta encapsulated! I appreciate how quickly you responded to my needs (if you remember I contacted you the night I unexpectedly went into labor)! It really meant a lot to us that you were able to fit us in! I have to admit initially I had my reservations…having a stranger into your home the day after you have a baby sounds like a daunting experience- so not the case with you…we cannot thank you enough for making it so stress-free and for the extra special gift you left us with! What a special keepsake! I am looking forward to seeing you again when Baby #2 comes around!


Thank you so much! I really appreciate your services as well as the wonderful conversation. I will be sure to recommend you in the future!


…but I loved having you there to chat with and explain to my Mom how awesome encapsulation is. We all appreciated your enthusiasm, energy and professionalism. Thank you!


I had my baby August 23 2012…..spontaneous labor so the specialist had as much notice as you could imagine…..she was still prompt and came to my house to encapsulate my placenta on the 25th and 26th. Our specialist worked quietly in the kitchen and cleaned up so well that even I couldn’t tell she had been there.  She also made me some tea with placenta broth in it to give me energy because my pills wouldn’t be ready until the next day. The first day I took the pills I found myself almost instantly more energized to the point that I got out of bed and made it and went out into the living room to hang out for awhile (I had a very long, natural labor…27 hours total, 6 of them were pushing out my 9lb 3oz baby girl) so this was an amazing fete for me. My milk also came in, in abundance, which I believe was facilitated by the placenta capsules. I took the recommended dosage and once it was time to decrease the amount I found that my mood started to become a little melancholy. After a few days of feeling down, I decided to increase the dosage back up to 3 capsules a day and my mood greatly improved. I saved a few pills for when it was time to go back to work because I knew I would be tired since I take care of the baby all day by myself and then work full time from 6pm-230am. One evening at work I was feeling particularly tired so I took 3 placenta pills and I felt more energized rather quickly! If I am blessed enough to have another baby I would definitely do this again.


Thank you! I do believe placenta encapsulation – and taking them regularly – helped ease the inevitable roller coaster of emotions.


The Nurturing Root was wonderful to deal with. Great experience!


…your passion and knowledge for what you do is wonderful.


I really can’t say enough positive things about my experience with you and with having Abby’s placenta encapsulated. Having you in my house was calming and peaceful. This postpartum recovery was much different from my first. It was easier, even having a crazy toddler running around. I call them my “happy pills” because they seem to even my mood even now, 4 months pp. I only have two complaints…that I didn’t find out about this with my first pregnancy and that my pills are almost gone. Thank you.