Upcoming Childbirth Education Classes

birth boot camp childbirth education classes in cleveland the nurturing root

Autumn is a time of fruitful abundance! The Nurturing Root is excited to host several childbirth education classes this October and November. Please join us!

It is no secret that we LOVE to support and educate expectant and new Cleveland families! We offer an amazing array of Birth Boot Camp childbirth education classes, newborn care workshops, and community-based events to help couples plan their ideal birth and parenting experience. We invite you to learn more about our upcoming childbirth education classes.

Thursday, October 26, 2017 6:30 – 8:30pm at She COLLECTIVE in Lakewood

Pregnancy is a transformative time in a person’s life. But this abundant experience is often filled with many questions. Please join us for an engaging, community-based childbirth education workshop, designed to help you understand your options during pregnancy and birth. We will discuss important steps you should take to prepare for your birth, including finding a provider and birth place, caring for your body and mind, your choices in childbirth, educating yourself and your partner, and finding a support network. You will also gain insight on how to evaluate, prevent, and heal Diastasis Recti, and learn several functional exercises to help keep your body healthy and strong throughout pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum recovery period. You will leave this mini workshop with tangible information, resources, and tips to help you confidently navigate pregnancy and birth. Making time to tend to the mind, body, and spirit, as you prepare to welcome your baby, is so important! Please join us for this fun childbirth education workshop. Tickets are free, but we ask that you pre-register for this program. If you are expecting a baby, planning a pregnancy, or are a holistic wellness professional looking to connect, we would love to see you at this awesome event! This workshop is co-facilitated by The Nurturing Root and BIRTHFIT Cleveland.

We are thrilled to present this program at She COLLECTIVE’s lovely new space in Lakewood! She Collective is a meeting place for women and girls to learn about themselves in new ways, so they become the presiding geniuses of their own bodies! She COLLECTIVE was founded by Samantha Walters, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, doula, and sexual health educator. Learn more about She COLLECTIVE!

Thursday, November 2, 2017 6:30 – 8:30pm at Partners to Empowerment Wellness Center in Beachwood. ($50 per couple)

This workshop is designed for couples that want to know more about how natural pain relief options and labor comfort measures can help them confidently navigate birth! Maybe you are looking to have a natural birth experience? Or perhaps, you plan on getting that epidural as soon as you get to the hospital! No matter what your ideal birth looks like, the majority of families will benefit from learning about natural pain relief options!

During this hands-on class, we explore valuable tools and techniques that can help mom AND her birth partner stay relaxed, comfortable, and positive during labor. We will also address a variety of labor positions and their benefits. Birth partners will leave this class with a deep understanding about how touch and intimacy can impact a person in labor. We will conclude this class with a discussion on the importance of relaxation in labor, and a guided visualization exercise. Partners will approach their baby’s due date with confidence, knowing how to support mom throughout labor and birth. We highly encourage expectant persons to attend with their partner, husband, wife, or other birth support person, but individuals will also benefit from this workshop.

We are thrilled to facilitate this workshop at Partners To Empowerment Wellness Center, in Beachwood. The Partners To Empowerment studio features a wonderfully serene and nurturing space and offers a variety of holistic services for the mind, body, and spirit. Learn more about Partners To Empowerment Wellness Center.

Saturday, November 11, 2017 10:00am – 2:00pm at Hunter Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Lyndhurst. ($75 per couple)

The Holistic Newborn Care Workshop will help you welcome your baby home, with confidence! We are thrilled to offer Cleveland families the very best childbirth education and parenting classes. BIRTH BOOT CAMP is thoughtfully designed for couples planning an empowering pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding experience! This holistic newborn care workshop, aptly named ‘Homecoming’, is your amazing manual to parenthood! This workshop includes a thoughtfully designed, comprehensive workbook, nearly 4 hours of in-person instruction, a 3.5 hour breastfeeding masterclass download, taught by an esteemed IBCLC, and healthy, light refreshments. Parents leave this training excited, confident, and prepared to meet and care for their sweet newborn.

You will LOVE this Birth Boot Camp class + leave confidently knowing:

  • All about common newborn tests + procedures
  • Normal newborn behaviors + infant characteristics
  • How to comfort + soothe baby
  • Infant sleep habits + safe sleep practices
  • Baby-wearing options and techniques
  • Postpartum planning and recovery strategies
  • How chiropractic care supports mother + baby
  • Essential breastfeeding information + resources

We are thrilled to facilitate this workshop at Hunter Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Lyndhurst. Drs. Valerie and LaMar Hunter have a wonderful, family-centered chiropractic practice, and are thrilled to serve men, women, and children. They have a wealth of experience, are Webster Technique certified, and are exceptionally passionate about caring for the whole person. Learn more about Hunter Chiropractic and Wellness Center.

The Nurturing Root loves to support and educate families in Cleveland and throughout Northeast Ohio. We offer an exceptional array of Birth Boot Camp natural childbirth courses and holistic newborn care classes, in-home placenta encapsulation, and family-centered postpartum doula and infant care support. We are honored to serve your family. Please contact us for more information, today!

If you are an expectant person, a parent, or wellness professional interested in holistic pregnancy, birth, and parenting topics, we encourage you to join our FREE Cleveland Birth Village Community. We have an active and engaged Facebook group and host free monthly gatherings to discuss all things birth! We are so very excited to facilitate these awesome events this Autumn! Stay updated, by signing up for our newsletter!

Help Us Support Babies Need Boxes Ohio

Babies Need Boxes Donation Drive The Nurturing Root Cleveland Doula Support

Please help us honor all mothers and babies in Cleveland, by supporting our Babies Need Boxes donation drive!  Babies Need Boxes Ohio is a non-profit organization that provides expectant and new families with a high-quality maternity package, based off the Finnish Baby Box tradition.

Babies Need Boxes Ohio supplies expectant and new families with a safe sleep space (baby box), newborn and postpartum essentials, perinatal education, and community resources. Babies Need Boxes wants to equip families for parenthood with tangible resources and education, honor women during their transition to motherhood, and help all babies thrive. With the universal distribution of baby boxes in Ohio, including the perinatal education and access to community resources, Babies Need Boxes hopes to reduce the risk of sleep-related infant deaths, and help people understand racial disparities related to infant mortality.  Celina Cunanan-Kelly, Division Chief of Nurse Midwifery at University Hospitals, and Babies Need Boxes board member, says “We don’t really think that [the box] itself is going to stop infant sleep-related deaths, but it’s a way for us to give parents the education and tools to make that less likely, [and to] help them succeed!” The goal with this universal distribution approach, and scope of education that Babies Need Boxes provides, will not only help families better access a safe sleep space and essential items, but will ultimately engage the greater Cleveland community in conversations regarding racial inequity in childbirth, and help build the commitment needed to lower our infant mortality rates.  

The Nurturing Root is thrilled to team up with Nurtured Foundation Doula Services to coordinate an autumn donation drive that benefits Babies Need Boxes Ohio. Throughout September and October, we are gathering newborn essential and postpartum care items to include in the baby boxes. We are striving to collect high-quality, natural care items, that are made with sustainable, non-toxic ingredients.

We need your help to collect the following new items:

  • 100% Cotton Prefold Cloth Diapers  
  • Waterproof Cloth Diaper Covers
  • Hypoallergenic Diaper Rash Cream
  • Newborn Caps, Socks, + Mittens
  • Unscented Lip Balm
  • Organic Nipple Salve

We welcome your donations either in-person or online. If you reside on the westside of Cleveland and want to donate, please contact Lisa Falkenstein, with Nurtured Foundation. If you are interested in donating items on the eastside, please contact Alayna Spratley, with The Nurturing Root. Additionally, you can easily donate supplies directly to Babies Need Boxes Ohio via THIS Amazon Wish List. Online donations ship directly to the local chapter’s office in Shaker Heights. Babies Need Boxes also welcomes monetary donations, here. Your gifts to Babies Need Boxes are tax deductible, and their 501(C)(3) tax ID number is, 47-3926384. Please share THIS informational flier about the donation drive, with friends, family, businesses, and organizations that want to help, as well.

It is truly an honor to support Northeast Ohio families as a volunteer board member with Babies Need Boxes Ohio, and as the Ohio Director with The Nurturing Root. Please help us support the amazing work of Babies Need Boxes Ohio. Donate items here!   

babies need boxes donation the nurturing root doula care

If you would like a baby box, register with Baby Box University, select the ‘Ohio Syllabus’ and complete the watchlist and quiz. The videos discuss various topics, including: the prenatal and postpartum period, safe-sleep practices, breastfeeding, child-spacing, and perinatal mental health. Once you correctly complete the quiz, you can print your certificate and pick-up a baby box at participating locations, or have it mailed to your home.

You can also receive a baby box, with essential items, by attending the Babies Need Boxes October education series, at the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library, Lee Road location. After attending all three sessions, families are eligible for a baby box. Please see the session descriptions, below:

Session 1: Baby Care: Come learn how to read baby’s cues and how to soothe baby with movement, rituals, and songs. During baby’s active state we will share how to engage baby in playful, brain building activities. This session is facilitated by Elizabeth Dreyfuss, Executive Director of Babies Need Boxes Ohio, and early childhood educator with Hathaway Brown, and Alayna Spratley, volunteer Assistant Director of Babies Need Boxes Ohio and the Ohio Director of The Nurturing Root. Saturday October 7, 2017 at 11:00am

Session 2: Safe Sleep Come learn about the most recent research on how to keep baby safe while sleeping soundly. This session is facilitated by Celina Cunanan-Kelly, Certified Nurse Midwife and Division Chief of Nurse Midwifery for University Hospitals, and Da’Na Langford, Certified Nurse Midwife with University Hospitals. Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 11:00am

Session 3: Postpartum Health for Mom and Baby After baby is born there are two people to care for, baby and mom. Learn ways to incorporate self–care rituals into your daily routine. Also, come hear the best ways to feed baby and how to prepare nutritious snacks for busy families. This session is facilitated by Lisa Falkenstein, certified postpartum doula, breastfeeding educator, and owner of Nurtured Foundation Doula Services, and Chauntia Williams, Babies Need Boxes board member and dedicated family advocate, committed to improving the community through education and awareness.

We are truly grateful for the work that Babies Need Boxes is doing to help families throughout Cleveland, and hope you feel as compelled as we do, to support this amazing non-profit organization. Make sure to share THIS INFORMATION about the Babies Need Boxes Donation Drive with friends, family, colleagues, and organizations that would like to help, as well!

The Nurturing Root loves to support and educate families in Cleveland and throughout Northeast Ohio. We offer an exceptional array of Birth Boot Camp natural childbirth courses and holistic newborn care classes, in-home placenta encapsulation, and family-centered postpartum doula and infant care support. We are honored to serve your family. Please contact us for more information, today!

If you are an expectant mother, a parent, or wellness professional interested in holistic pregnancy, birth, and parenting topics, we encourage you to join our FREE Cleveland Birth Village Community. We have an active and engaged facebook group and host free monthly gatherings to discuss all things birth! We are also very excited to facilitate several events this autumn. Stay updated, by signing up for our newsletter!

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What Is A Postpartum Doula?

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Short answer; a postpartum doula is a cross between your mythical, awesomely helpful mother-in-law, and an expert baby whisperer! But seriously, a postpartum doula is a trained parenting, infant, and postnatal support professional. She provides education and assistance to families during the newborn period. This type of postpartum practitioner has a wealth of specialized experience and education, to help you adjust to parenthood. Think of a postpartum doula as your personalized parenting coach. Her goal is to help your family learn about normal newborn behavior, baby care techniques, infant sleep, postnatal recovery, breast and infant feeding techniques. There are really two avenues of support, a postpartum doula will provide. In the most traditional sense, a postpartum doula will help with a family-centered approach, or she can care for a growing family, by providing infant-focused care.

With a family-centered approach, a postpartum doula can guide, educate, and assist you through the parenting process. She may help you learn how to breastfeed with ease and confidence, answer questions you may have about feeding, diapering, bathing, grooming, and calming baby, and assist you with babywearing tips and techniques. Additionally, she may help you with meal planning and preparation, household organization, and give you access to trusted parenting and infant resources and referrals.  

A postpartum doula can also help your family with infant-focused care. Within this framework, your doula serves as a newborn specialist. She will be attentive to all of your baby’s needs, so you can properly rest and recover, after birth. Infant-focused care is particularly helpful to parents who are wanting assistance during the evening and overnight hours. Your postpartum doula will provide dedicated newborn care, so you can have the most restorative sleep, knowing a skilled professional is attending to all of your baby’s desires.

If you want personalized support, guidance, and resources to help you make the best decisions for your new family, consider hiring a postpartum doula! To learn more about how a postpartum doula provides practical support to families during the transition to parenthood, read this article.  Also check out The Relievery’s practitioner resource directory, or Doula Match, to find a postpartum professional in your area.

*This post was first published on THE RELIEVERY*

The Nurturing Root is honored to support and educate Northeast Ohio families. We provide Birth Boot Camp childbirth education, holistic newborn care classes, in-home placenta encapsulation services, and family-centered postpartum doula support. If you are looking to have a healthy pregnancy, amazing birth, and gentle postpartum recovery experience, contact us! We also welcome you to join our FREE Facebook community, Cleveland Holistic Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting. This is a great space for families and professionals interested in a variety of natural birth and parenting topics



Maryland Court Delivers A Hostile Ruling To Breastfeeding Mother

The Nurturing Root Supports Breastfeeding Northeast Ohio

A breastfeeding mother in Maryland is fighting a magistrate’s order allowing the father of their infant, the right to feed the exclusively breastfed baby formula, during overnight visits.

Amber Brown and Corey Lewis, residents of Charles County Maryland, welcomed a baby boy in February 2017, but separated shortly after their child’s birth. During a custody hearing in July, Monise Brown, a county magistrate facilitated a disagreement between Ms. Brown and Mr. Lewis’ beliefs regarding how to feed their baby during overnight visitations. The baby’s mother was exclusively breastfeeding her infant, and was not able to express enough breastmilk to send with the baby for overnight visits, with the father. Mr. Lewis insisted that he should be allowed overnight visits, and has the right to feed his baby formula during that time.

Magistrate Brown agreed with the father, stating “breast-feeding is not a reason to prevent [Lewis’s] visitation, and that insisting on breast-feeding would be considered deliberate alienation of [Lewis],” according to Ms. Brown’s attorney.

The mother filed a request for exception, providing a note from her son’s pediatrician stating the baby could not tolerate formula. At a follow-up hearing, in August, a second court official, Magistrate Mitsy Metzgar, agreed with the initial recommendation, forcing the Mother to comply with the overnight visitation ruling, that includes allowing the father the right to feed his exclusively breastfed infant, formula. Even though the American Academy of Pediatrics and World Health Organization strongly recommend infants be fed only breastmilk for the first six months of life, and Maryland law protects and states a vested interest in the infant and mother nursing relationship, as a basis to promote family values and public acceptance of breastfeeding, two court magistrates support detrimental recommendations for this mother-baby dyad.

This insulting arrangement in the custody ruling, comes at a very ironic time. Throughout the month of August, several organizations and coalitions spotlight breastfeeding with National Breastfeeding Month, World Breastfeeding Week, and Black Breastfeeding Week. Huge efforts are made to highlight and celebrate the importance of increasing a collaborative effort to generate a breastfeeding-friendly landscape. It appears that our culture and courts have quite a bit of remedial work to do, if they want to support and honor breastfeeding mothers, babies, and families!

The Nurturing Root proudly supports breastfeeding mothers. The health of our families, communities, institutions, and societies, are inextricably linked to our commitment to honoring breastfeeding mothers and babies.

New Mothers Are Choosing Placenta Encapsulation To Help Them Breastfeed

mother breastfeeding her baby The Nurturing Root

A growing number of mothers are choosing to consume their placenta, in order to have greater breastfeeding success.

August is National Breastfeeding Month, a time that highlights the importance of increasing a collaborative effort to support a breastfeeding-friendly landscape. A growing community of mothers are turning to alternative practices like placenta encapsulation, to help them establish and meet their breastfeeding goals.

According to the Centers for Disease Control Breastfeeding Report Card, 70% of mothers make the attempt to breastfeed their newborns, but at six months of age, only about 15% of babies are being exclusively breastfeed. This number is in stark contrast to the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation that all babies be exclusively breastfed until six months of life.

There are several medical, physical, emotional, and social hurdles that can affect breastfeeding success rates. Changes to policies, practices, and the ability for new mothers to access breastfeeding support is slowly helping to increase these numbers. Some resourceful mothers are choosing a more controversial route to ensure they have the best breastfeeding experience.

The placenta, the temporary organ, that grows along with the baby and serves as its lifeline until birth, is most often treated as medical waste. But it may be a continued source of support to the Mother, after she gives birth. Through placenta encapsulation, the baby’s placenta is steamed, dehydrated, and pulverized. Then it is made into pills. A new mother can take her capsules as a postpartum wellness supplement. In addition to supporting lactation and increasing milk supply, many mothers report a boost in energy, feeling emotionally well and strong, lessened severity of mood swings, and decreased postpartum bleeding. Here are some of the great experience mothers are reporting:

“I am certain that taking my placenta pills allowed me to recover from my c-section at a much quicker rate, and with no baby blues at all! My milk came in immediately, my energy level was great even after long nights establishing a nursing a schedule. I felt stable and clear headed.” Kristen Sharp

“With my first child, I didn’t produce much milk – had to supplement from day 1 and was only able to produce the little I did for 4 months. I am currently 2 weeks postpartum with my 2nd [child] and feel fantastic using my placenta pills! My milk came in 3 days postpartum and my supply is really good.” – Amanda Lynn

“Not only did this help me immediately postpartum, I took my capsules again 3.5 months postpartum when I was stressed about leaving my daughter for the first time for a work trip. It not only brought a lightness back into my mood, but increased my pumping output so I could add enough to my stash to leave her. I would recommend The Nurturing Root’s services to everyone.” – Michelle Woolschlager

The Nurturing Root has been providing professional placenta encapsulation services, since 2011, helping over 650 mothers have their best postpartum recovery experience. Additionally, The Nurturing Root supports expectant couples with Birth Boot Camp childbirth education classes and family-centered postpartum doula care. If you are interested in learning more about how placenta encapsulation can enhance you postpartum recovery experience, contact The Nurturing Root here!

Free Breastfeeding Support Groups in Cleveland

free support groups for moms in cleveland

It takes a village to breastfeed a baby! Supporting new and breastfeeding mothers is an awesome social responsibility, and The Nurturing Root wants to help you reach your breastfeeding goals. So we have gathered information about the various breastfeeding groups in the greater Cleveland area, to help you find your community of nursing women.

Your healthy newborn was born to breastfeed. This is the biologically normal, ideal, and healthiest way to feed your infant. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends all babies be exclusively breastfed for at least the first six month of life. But it takes practice, patience, and support to master this skill. Ideally, try to find a breastfeeding support group while pregnant. You will be able to connect with other women, lactation professionals, and see what nursing a newborn actually looks like. Once baby is born, a support group provides the perfect opportunity to spend time with women who are sharing similar experiences. You can troubleshoot breastfeeding issues, discuss Cleveland parenting resources, and receive emotional and practical support.

La Leche League of Ohio

La Leche League has multiple chapters, hosting meetings throughout Northeast Ohio. Find more information about your local chapter here.

Cleveland Heights
Meets at various locations on the second Friday of each month at 10:00am.
Call Martha at 216.321.4356 or Halle at 216.291.4313 for meeting location information.

Cleveland Southwest
Meets on the third Monday of each month at 10:00am at the Strongsville Public Library. An evening meeting is held on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30pm at the North Royalton Public Library.

Cleveland Westside Suburbs
Meetings are multiple times per month at various locations in Lakewood, Rocky River, and North Olmstead. Join the LLL of Cleveland Westside Suburbs Facebook group for meeting time and place information.

Oberlin and Lorain County
Meets on the second Thursday of each month at 9:30am at Christ Episcopal Church in Oberlin. More information is available on the LLL of Oberlin Facebook group.

Meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm at University Hospitals Portage Medical Center. Email Rachel for more information: [email protected]

Painesville and Lake County
Meets monthly at the Morley Library at 10:00am. Check the library event calendar for meeting day information.

Geauga County
Meets on the second Thursday of each month at 10:00am at the Middlefield Library. Contact Adele for more information: 440.724.2058

Free Breastfeeding Guide The Nurturing Root Ohio Placenta Encapsulation, Birth Boot Camp Classes

PREP + Mom’s Breastfeeding Support Group
Meets the first Thursday of each month at 10:30am at Senders Pediatrics
in South Euclid. For more information call 216.291.9210

Lakewood Family Room – Nursing Mom’s Chat
Meets every Wednesday at 9:30am at the Lakewood Methodist Church.
For more information call: 216.521.7580

Mama Chat Baby Group 
Meets every Thursday at 11:00am and the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm at The Breastfeeding Center in Massillon. For more information call 330.837.0220

University Hospitals

Elyria Breastfeeding Support Group
Holds meetings multiple times per week at the Elyria Medical Center Lactation Services.
For more information call 440.329.7466 or email Tina at [email protected]

Westlake Breastfeeding Support Group
Meets every Wednesday at 10:00am at St. John Medical Center, community outreach room. For more information call 440.827.5451

Eastside Mom and Baby Support Group
Meets every Tuesday at 11:00am and the first Thursday of every month at 6:30pm at Landerbrook Health Center. For more information call 440.995.3830

Lake Health

Lake County Breastfeeding Support Group
Meets every Wednesday at 10:00am at Tripoint Medical Center in the obstetrics conference room. For more information call: 440.354.1929

Cleveland Clinic

Independence Breastfeeding Support Group
Meets every Tuesday at 10:00am at Independence Family Health Center, Crown Center building. For more information call: 216.986.4000

Solon Breastfeeding Support Group
Meets every Wednesday at 3:00pm at the Solon Family Health Center, fourth floor conference room. For more information call: 440.519.6800

Strongsville Breastfeeding Support Group
Meets every Wednesday at 1:30pm at the Strongsville Family Health Center, community room. For more information call: 440.878.2500

Willoughby Hills Breastfeeding Support Group
Meets every Thursday at 1:00pm at the Willoughby Hills Family Health Center.
For more information call: 440.516.8312

Rocky River Breastfeeding Support Group
Meets every Monday and Wednesday at 1:00pm at the Fairview Wellness Center, room 205. For more information call: 440.356.0347

Mayfield Breastfeeding Support Group
Meets every Tuesday and Friday at 11:00am and the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm at Hillcrest Hospital, North Campus, west entrance.
For more information call: 440.312.5332

Medina Breastfeeding Support Group
Meets every Thursday at 1:00pm at Medina Hospital Family Birthing Center.
For more information call: 330.721.5090

There are so many great breastfeeding support groups in Cleveland. For optimal nursing success, connect with several community resources. Taking a comprehensive childbirth education course to learn about how your pregnancy and birth experience influence your nursing success. Talk with Cleveland mothers who chose placenta encapsulation to help enhance lactation and boost milk supply, and consider hiring a postpartum doula, who will provide your family with practical assistance, guidance, and encouragement.